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ADHD: Overcoming–Rather Than Being Overcome

ADHD: Overcoming–Rather Than Being Overcome

Day-to-day experience as well as scientific observation attests to the fact that different children exposed to the same degree of stress or frustration are not affected in the same manner. Some are stymied and squelched by the obstacles in their path. Others thrive as if the obstacles were more of a stimulus than a roadblock. Many observers have asked why.

Several years ago Peter Wyman, Ph.D. and associates studied this question. They looked at demographically comparable groups of children exposed to major life-stress. They interviewed both stress-resilient and stress-affected children assessing perceptions of their care giving environments, peer relationships, and themselves. A functions analysis identified four variables that correctly classified 74% of the children in one or the other group. Stress-resilient children, compared to the stress-affected children, reported more:

 positive relationships with primary caregivers (i.e., parents)

 stable family environments

 consistent family discipline practices

 positive expectations for their futures.

These findings support the view that caregiver-child relationships play a key role in moderating children’s developmental outcomes under conditions of high stress. (J. Am Acad Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 1992:; 31 (5):904-910)

Editor’s Note: This study points out again the extreme importance of a positive parent-child relationship in helping a child overcome obstacles. Children with ADHD and learning disabilities do have plenty of reasons to be stressed. Many will grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults in spite of their difficulties. Stable families, applying consistent, loving discipline in an affirming spirit greatly enhance the chances of success for the child.
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Because of My Problems!

“Wendell Wilkie said, ‘What a man needs to get ahead is a powerful enemy.’ Edmund Burke said, ‘Our antagonist is our helper. He that wrestles with us strengthens our muscles and sharpens our skill.’ Apparently human nature must have something to push against and something to wrestle with. I suppose this is the hopeful thing about handicaps…Handicaps are the hard things we wrestle with and push against.

Dr. Marie Ray, a psychiatrist of some note, after making a wide study of the relations between handicaps and achievements, and going down the list of notable men and women, came up with this conclusion, that most of the shining lights of history were made so by their struggles with either some disability or some responsibility that seemed too great for their powers. And then she put down this definite rule as the result of her research, ‘No one succeeds without handicap. No one succeeds in spite of a handicap. When anyone succeeds, it is because of a handicap.'”

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