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Redemptive Features of ADHD

Children with ADHD have very real challenges. The disruptiveness of the child’s behavior and the struggles in learning can make life difficult. These dysfunctions tend to drive professionals as well as parents to focus largely on the negative connotations of attention deficits. But redeeming features do exist, even though they may be difficult to see. However, this positive side to ADHD often begins to show itself in adolescence and young adulthood if we look for it.

—The inattention to detail that is so frustrating to student and teacher alike can lead to strengths in conceptual ability. A result can be an enhanced ability to see the big picture. Such individuals can become adept at global problem solving and may be an asset in leadership roles.

—The inability to be easily satisfied can be associated with ambition and initiative. Could this be one reason why so many individuals with attention deficits have been successful in a wide variety of fields?

—Distractibility is intimately linked to creativity. A student who notices things no one else sees is in a position to detect meaningful interrelationships that elude more disciplined minds.

—A student who is highly impulsive may ultimately evolve into an adult with a strong bent for closure, a person who accomplishes a great deal during the working day.

—It is not unusual to encounter adolescents with attention deficits who have superb sense of humor, appealing personalities, true leadership skills, and striking individuality.

Yes, the struggles that children with ADHD face are real. It is important to intervene and provide healthy management such as academic accommodations, medical treatment, counseling when needed. In doing so we can avoid some of the unhealthy consequences such as poor self-esteem and discouragement.

However, we should have an optimistic anticipation of the ultimate success of the child with ADHD. We should be looking for ways to help the teen discover his or her strengths and help them see that they can turn a weakness into an asset.


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